Mismatched Items Welcome a Beautiful Synergy in Style

One of the most common interior design mistakes a homeowner can make on their own is matching, matching, matching.  This drives me crazy when I walk into a room and it looks like they purchased the entire room right off the showroom floor. Matching, sofas, chairs, pillows, end tables, lamps, etc.  Rather than purchasing the complete set, try mixing and matching to create a design that is interesting, and appealing.  The key to obtaining this “mismatched” look is that there has to be a common thread that links the mismatched items together. 

Take a look at these dining room examples, as inspiration when designing a room with mismatched furniture.  The tips here can be applied to any room that you are redesigning.

Same style, different color. This is one of my favorite opportunities to bring pops of color into a room. The chair style is the common thread in this room.  The glossy white table base has been paired with a sorbet of colored chairs.  The selection of fabrics on the window seat help to link the room together.  The effect is exactly what this small breakfast nook needed to make it feel fun and inviting.

Same color, different style.  The most noticeable common thread here is the similar color of the fabric and wood tones.  The mismatched chairs in this room have been reupholstered in the same fabric and kept within the general style (traditional/modern) to create that common linking element.  The accessories pull the wood tones and textures across the room creating a charming effect.     

Wild card. Why not give your guests the most comfortable dining room seating imaginable, a couch and a couple of wing-back chairs? In this over the top dining room, sits a large pink sofa, and two different pairs of chairs to balance this dining room table. Using pairs of chairs can be a conservative way to go if you like the idea of using mismatched chairs but feel more comfortable with a certain level of continuity.

Contrasting upholstery. To get yourself used to the idea of using mismatched chairs, try reupholstering your existing set in contrasting upholstery. This maintains the overall look of matched chairs with a little extra interest.

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