Vibrant Looks Define True Palm Beach Style

If you are in the process of building or renovating your home, you may be wondering which style to incorporate when it comes to your décor. One of my timeless favorites is the Palm Beach Style of décor.    

Think about it, Palm Beach is an amazing place to live that’s full of rich history and Mediterranean inspired architecture. We have Worth Avenue an international shopping destination, for fashion, antiques, fine art, jewelry and so much more right here on the Island.  If you stroll down Worth Ave, you will come to see just how inspiring of a place it can be.  Lush landscaping, colorful bougainvillea lined vias (courtyards), pecky cypress wood ceilings, wrought iron lanterns, and Gothic archways, all designed by the architect Addison Mizner in the 1920’s.  

Using Palm Beach design ideas in your home can bring the vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere of Florida indoors. 

Here are some ideas on how Palm Beach style can be brought into your home: 

  • This style often involves the use of bold colors and patterns, from black and white zebra print to more subdued floral patterns, blending the right pieces together can bring an eclectic feel to any room.


  • If vibrant color throughout the home is not your style, you can still bring a little Palm Beach design into your home. White walls can be brightened up with a gallery wall made up of prints of varying shapes and sizes.


  • Mixing patterns and fabrics is no problem when it comes to Palm Beach style; think plush drapes blended with casual yet bold wicker chairs.


  • When it comes to color, there are many blends that lend itself to Palm Beach design. Pink, white and green are a popular blend (thank you Lilly Pulitzer, who opened her first store on Worth Avenue), yet it is not the only color combination that will work. Yellows and greens, corals and blues and even black and white can lend well to a home.


  • Old furniture painted in bright colors can make a stand out addition to any room.


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