Sensational Trends Your Kids Will Adore

Keeping your kids involved with the décor of their room is not always easy, as many kids aren’t all that eager to give you any real idea of what they like. Still, it's nice to create a setting that they like, even if they do not really notice it. The important thing to remember is to have fun with this.  The kid’s room is a place where you can really express yourself and let your creativity fly!    

Here are a few ideas on 2014 bedroom trends for kids that might grow on your child:

Add Some Hippie Chic – Retro is always in style for the nostalgic among us, but the most recent generation of kids seem to have embraced the natural elements that embodied the 1960s. Consider anything from large peace signs, colorful flower wall decals, psychedelic prints, patchwork, pastels and anything VW beetle or VW bus related.  You'll be surprised at how well this works for both boys and girls.

Try A Little Luminescence – While the offbeat colors themselves are quite intriguing, it is the effect that this décor creates in the dark that really sets it apart from the others. Don't be confined to just colors, there is also a whole range of synthetic materials that can be used in this décor theme. While the wilder, fluorescent colors of this style are usually more appealing to girls, boys tend to gravitate towards some of the darker colors like purple or grey.  

Consider Industrial Motif – Popular among boys, although there is plenty of room for a budding female engineer, this design style concentrates on simple shapes, hard edges and shiny surfaces. It is indeed a very minimalist approach that works well in a contemporary-themed home. Try incorporating industrial lighting, old metal gym lockers for storage, and metal plumbing pipes for bookshelves.   

Rock It Out – Always a popular choice among both boys and girls. For a very chic rock-star inspired room start with flat black or dark grey walls with bright white trim moldings and doors.  Add pops of bright color, graphic patterns in pillows and bedding.  Most importantly don’t forget to add large (chrome or brushed stainless steel) framed posters of their favorite rock stars!

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