Storage Solution Ideas for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the epicenter of your home, and if you’re like most people, you spend a great deal of time there.

One of the many challenges faced by homeowners is lack of storage space in the kitchen. If you are having difficulty with kitchen storage take a look at these tips to help make your kitchen more functional and comfortable.  

Make every inch count with innovative storage options.  Have your seen drawers concealed within the toekick of a cabinet?  Toekick drawers are a bit shallow however, they're a great spot for items that get used occasionally.  Another good suggestion is to use kitchen drawer and cabinet organizers. They help de-clutter your kitchen, organize it and create more usable storage.

Purchase dual purpose appliances.   When was the last time you used both ovens at the same time in your double oven? (Thanksgiving 2007 ?  Not sure ?)  If you’re like most of us that second oven rarely gets used, if ever.  Installing a microwave wall oven combination offers versatility for today’s lifestyles and gets that microwave off of the countertop.      

Add glass cabinet doors. Glass cabinets don’t actually give you more space, but they do give your small kitchen the illusion of depth and space. You can use clear or frosted glass doors if you don't want to display the contents of your cabinets. Add LED lighting inside the cabinets to enhance the effect.

Need more space in your cabinets? Try cleaning out the guestroom closet. If you’re running out of cabinet space because they are packed full with rarely used small appliances and other odds and ends. Purge your cabinets, sell, give away or toss anything you can live without.  Items that you want to keep but rarely need, find another place in your home to relocate those items. Just because it’s a “kitchen item” does not mean it has to take up valuable kitchen space.  Relocate the waffle iron, bread maker, the 22 gallon stock pot, food processor, and the dozen or so glass flower vases out of the kitchen and into a closet or area that you can easily get to when needed.      

Use items in your kitchen that no longer get used in the rest of your home for storage. That armoire or étagère that you haven’t used in years can be a great piece in the kitchen for holding things like dishes and cookbooks in an elegant fashion.

Add a pull-out pantry to your kitchen. It will help save space and make your kitchen more functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Consider adding an island to your kitchen. With an island, you will gain more storage space. You'll also have a lot more space for food preparation in your kitchen as well as a place for a quick meal. 

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